100% Natural pain and skin relief products using emu oil and a range of essential oils.

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Suffering with Arthritis, Back Pain, or any other aches or pains, Emu balm provides a 100% natural solution using Australian Emu oil blended with essential oils known for their healing abilities. Emu balm is a topical product containing 6 natural anti inflammatory's, which absorbs quickly into the painful area when massaged leaving the skin dry, while carrying the ingredients deep into the bodies tissues for maximum results. Lorem Body salts use many of the essential oils found in the emu balm and have blended these ingredients with Dead sea salt to provide a product which can be added to water to soak away those aches and pains, fantastic in a bath or foot spa. Suffering with Eczema, Psoriasis or damaged irradiated skin, Emu oil Skin relief provides a natural alternative to the medicated options which are know for the side effects. Emu oil absorbs quickly into the skin reliving any itching or discomfort fast while the ant-inflammatory proprieties of the Emu oil and Chamomile soothe the damaged skin. Emu oil Capsules contain 100% Emu oil to provide relief to the whole body when taken orally. Containing Vitamin A and E and Omega 3,6, and 9

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