The Fairy Family

The Fairy Family

The Fairy Family- handmade, ethically produced fairy figurines.

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About The Fairy Family

Our Fairy Family fairies have been a regular feature at Winchester Christmas Market for more than 10 years. Our fairies are gorgeous- highly detailed, with hand painted faces and posable limbs. Dresses are made from silks, satin and nylon and decorated with sequins and a small amount of sparkle. They can be suspended from a Christmas tree by a loop of golden thread, sat on a bookshelf, or stood on the metal leaf stand provided via magnets cunningly hidden in their shoes. All models stand around 13cm tall. The Fairy Family are made in Thailand by a group of women in an economically disadvantaged area in the North of the country who are paid a fair wage and can work from home. As always, we have new models available this Christmas for our regular customers to add to their collections, and in the spirit of inclusivity we have a wide selection of magical creatures including elves, mermaids and witches! Alongside our fairies, we offer our Personitas range of Worry Dolls and Wishing Fairies. These are made by one family in El Retiro, Colombia, and imported directly, so our purchases go to support the family and local economy. Each Personitas figurine is around 4cm tall. The Personitas range are CE approved as toys and are supplied either singly with an organza bag, or as a set of 4 in a box with a velveteen pouch. Our third offering is a range of fairy doors made by Penfound Products in Devon. These doors are produced by hand and are weatherproof, so can be used outside or indoors. Perfect as a gift, these doors work best when surreptitiously placed by a parent somewhere where a child can discover it and realise that the fairies have moved into their home! Three sizes are available- a small size which is perfect for skirting boards, a medium size for stairs, fences and trees, and a large size for features or rockeries. Traditionally at Winchester we've offered our products at a lower than usual price. To continue this tradition we'd like to offer our regular Winchester customers 15% off all of our products on website orders using the code Win2020. This includes products not usually presented at Winchester- we have a whole range of amazing magical goodies to choose from! We're terribly disappointed not to see you all in person this year, but wish you all a safe and happy end to 2020 and a wonderful Christmas- thank you for supporting independent small businesses!

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