Fairyglass Ltd

Fairyglass Ltd

Handmade, ethically produced fairy figurines for Christmas decoration and gifts.

This stall is available between 19th Nov - 22nd Dec.

About Fairyglass Ltd

We’ve been fortunate enough to present our Fairy Family figurines to Winchester customers for around 10 years now, and they’ve become a firm fixture at the market. In 2019 we spoke to several customers who’d made a special journey for their latest fairy from far afield, including Yorkshire and North Wales. Our Fairy Family are an ethically produced, hand painted and dressed range of figurines commonly used as Christmas decorations, but also given as presents to adults and children. Designed in the UK and made in Thailand, the Fairy Family is manufactured by an ethically run business who work to alleviate rural poverty in the northern regions, especially Phrae in Chiang Mai region. The production is done predominantly by women, who are paid a fair wage and work from home where they can look after their families. Additionally, 10% of the company’s profits are paid into a centrally managed fund which provides finance for infrastructure such as fresh water, communications, etc. The figurines are unique in that they’re posable, but can also stand on metal surfaces because they have hidden magnets in their feet, plus they can be hung from a Christmas tree from a loop of thread that’s provided. Customers regularly comment on the facial detail in particular- because they’re hand painted, there are subtle differences even between units of the same model, so customers spend time finding one they feel they can relate to.
If we’re successful with our application, we would like to present a brand new range of the Fairy Family this year, so the products will not have been seen before at Winchester. I’ve enclosed images of the new range. We would like to push out a campaign on our social media to encourage customers to visit us at our chalet to see the new range, and of course visit the market. As part of this we’ll be sending mailshots to existing customers, and paying for targeted advertising to draw in new buyers. I’d be interested in seeing if there are other ways we can work more closely with the Cathedral to bring in visitors too.

In addition, as per previous years, we would like to present a Fair Trade range of worry dolls and fairies made by one family in Colombia, and some fairy gift products made here in the UK. If possible, we would also like to show a new range of fairy tree decorations we’ve developed in conjunction with a fair trade manufacturer in India.


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