O'Donnell Moonshine

O'Donnell Moonshine

O'Donnell Moonshine is a craft spirits producer based in Manchester, specializing in moonshine.

This stall is available between 19th Nov - 22nd Dec.

About O'Donnell Moonshine

"Tough Nut" (25% ABV) - Hazelnut Flavoured liqueur with Caramel and Nougat after-tones.
"Roasted Apple" (20% ABV)- Roasted Apple and almond flavour with cinnamon and sweet vanilla after touch.
"Wild Berry" (25% ABV)- A sweet and refreshing moonshine liqueur made from a blend of rasperries, grapes and summer fruits.
"Sticky Toffee"(25% ABV)- A luscious toffee moonshine liqueur infused with smooth caramel and complimented by the intensity of our robust spirit.
"High Proof" (50% ABV)- Triple Distilled wheat-based spirit, our original moonshine.

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