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Safe Families

No one should feel alone. We exist to create relationship and connection because everyone deserves to belong.

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About Safe Families

Safe Families (Registered Charity No. 1150405) believes that no one should feel alone. Facing life alone is hard, and when you feel there is no one there to support you it is a scary place to be. Therefore, at Safe Families we offer support, hope and belonging to improve the lives of those in our communities. We link children, young people and families with local volunteers who can offer them help and support. This is why Safe Families partner with over 1,000 churches and community groups in the UK, working together with them to train and support over 4,500 volunteers and connect them to isolated families in their communities. We link volunteers with struggling families to offer hope, connection and practical support. We have seen time and again the difference that consistent and positive friendship, alongside practical support makes to deprived and struggling families. Enabling them to stay together and the children and young people to thrive safe within their family. Over the past 7 years we have supported over 11,000 children and young people. Within the Local Authorities that we work we have evidenced a reduction of the flow of children into care of between 6 – 16%, 88 – 96% of cases have improved or remained at the same level in Childrens Services without escalation of need and 94% of families report improved wellbeing as a result of support. COVID-19 has resulted in escalating needs for families who were already struggling. The families we are supporting already have multiple and complex needs (mental health, physical health, addiction, domestic violence, neglect etc). The impact of coronavirus and the measures taken to keep us safe have compounded the traumas that they were already experiencing and for many is an additional trauma creating anxiety, uncertainty and increased isolation. For parents this has caused reduced emotional resilience and capacity. Their stress levels remain high, their mental health is impacted and in turn, this impacts on their parenting and the ability for the family to thrive. Each family is assessed by Safe Families and a bespoke plan of support is developed. Volunteers play the role of a good friend, neighbour or grandparent where that support is absent. This includes: - Emotional and practical support for parents/carers to enable them to be the best parent they can be; increasing their self-esteem and self-confidence - Activities with children / young people; providing consistent relationships who offer 1-2-1 play, friendship and encouragement - Daytime and overnight hosting for children to enable pressurised home situations to de-escalate and create the space needed for the family to thrive

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