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We are family company since 2012. We provide our customers with a finest selection of handmade stoneware tableware and ovenware.

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About Art Polish Pottery

Art Polish Pottery sources fine quality handmade stoneware directly from artisians in the ceramic original making town of Boleslawiec in Poland. Polish pottery from this region is globally recognised for its superb quality, beautiful designs and practical functionality. Our team of experienced buyers regularly visits Poland to select the best pieces for your Polish hand decorated ceramic collection, use in the home, or to give as a gift. Each item is crafted from white clay, decorated by hand with lead free glazes and fired to a high temperature to ensure that they not only look stunning but are also suitable for use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. Our family has enjoyed handcrafted Polish stoneware for generations - and we're sure your family will too. Blue and white pottery straight from Boleslawiec is an excellent Christmas gift or a present for a friend who is getting married, or for your mum who is celebrating her birthday or perhaps you and your wife are celebrating an anniversary. Our polish pottery shop in the UK is stocked with beautifully hand crafted pottery that is bound to put a smile on your face and install positive energy in any given room. Unique stoneware from Poland will make a fantastic gift. There are many reasons why blue and white pottery should be considered for gifts. Why should you give Polish Pottery as a gift? It is beautiful. When it comes to handcrafted pottery the first thing you will notice is the unique design that is absolutely stunning. Each and every design is captivating and every individual is bound to find something that they will absolutely love. The traditional design will impress each housemate and guest. The blue and white pottery will tell a story and become a main feature during common meal times and family gatherings. It is handmade. Our polish pottery is handmade. Every aspect from the shape to the paint is handcrafted to ensure stunning results and top quality pottery. These hand painted ceramic polish pottery are all unique, long lasting and made to impress. The handmade stoneware from Poland is such high quality that it is easy to heirloom quality - meaning that you can pass it on, from generation to generation and it will still be the same quality that it was when it was originally purchased. It stands the test of time. Our Polish pottery not only is it cute and charming but it is also durable. All of our products are made to be microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. They are extremely practical. It has been said that Polish pottery straight from Boleslawiec is so durable that you can stand on it and it won't break under the pressure of a person's weight. Furthermore, they are really easy to take care of, all of our products are dishwasher safe, meaning you don't have to wash them by hand. Additionally, they are specifically made to prevent paint chipping and even preventing the ceramic pottery from chipping. What are some advantages of giving Polish pottery as gift? The advantages of Polish pottery: - dishwasher, microwave and oven safe - non toxic - extremely durable - easy to clean - retains heat and cold for long periods of time - excellent heat distribution that keeps food moist during cooking - heirloom quality.

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