Alpaca Sol

Alpaca Sol

A beautiful collection of handmade alpaca knitwear, designed in Bristol and made by a talented network of artisans in La Paz, Bolivia.

This stall is available between 5th - 22nd Dec. 

About Alpaca Sol

We sell a beautiful collection of high quality, handmade alpaca knitwear including socks, scarves, wrist-warmers, jumpers and beanies - our bestseller!

Over the past 5 years, we have honed the collection, refining customer favorites, and steering the focus of the range towards styles that are inclusive for all. Some of the key pieces of our range include:

Endlessly popular, our beanies have been with us from day one! Their appeal seems to transcend all demographics, with customers ranging from farmers to hipsters, teenagers to grandparents. Hand knitted in 12 ply alpaca, with a different colour either side, they can be reversed or turned up. And whilst they are super warm, the hollow fiber structure means they are breathable too – ideal for a hat.

Alpaca Blend Shawl
Handwoven on a traditional handloom, these big, cosy scarfs are almost blanket in style. In 8 different colourways, and displayed on wooden poles, they create a vibrant wall of colour against the white interior of our stall.

After an overwhelmingly positive response to a ‘trial’ of legwarmers a couple years ago, our ribbed legwarmers are now one of our star products. We were surprised at how many customers said they’d struggled to find them in the shops. Perfect over leggings or jeans, ruched with trainers or boots, the neutral colours’ are easy to wear, and complement the winter wardrobe. One size, machine washable, and affordable, they have become a very popular secret Santa present.

We design here in Bristol but cannot take the credit for the making. Our knitwear is produced by a small network of extremely talented artisans in La Paz, Bolivia, who we visit each January. It is always an exciting coming together of ideas, as we work collaboratively to come up with a range that appeals to our customers, whilst remaining true to the provenance. Over the last 5 years, a firm friendship has developed, and it feels so much more than simply a business arrangement.

The high quality of the knitwear is due not only to the artisans exceptional craftsmanship, whose skills have been passed down from generation to generation, but also to the fiber itself. Alpaca's that live in their native environments, the highands of South America, have been found to produce a much finer grade of fleece. This is due in part to the climate extremes, and also the biodiversity of the pasture on which they feed.

We want our stall to look fantastic so for Winchester Christmas Market last year, we enlisted the help of local carpenter Tom Morris to build a completely new, bespoke interior. The white wood panelling, crisp lines, and large monochrome alpaca image create an uncluttered, contemporary feel, which allows the natural fabrics, as well as the more vibrant products, to sing. The story behind the knitwear is shown through monochrome pictures and text throughout the stall, so customers can see exactly where, and by whom, their knitwear was made.

Emma and I feel strongly about sustainability. We are well aware of the devastating effect that fast fashion has on the planet, within both an environmental and societal sense. We take our responsibility seriously, and much thought goes into how we can work to minimise our impact. Our products are not trend-led, high fashion items. We believe that selling knitwear that is higher quality, in timeless styles, designed to be dug out each season, we can encourage people to consume less.

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